a group of students studying under a shady tree in the park Copyright: © C. Pfaffenbach

How inner cities develop, where children and young people spend their time, or why activists climb tree houses: the topics in cultural geography are as diverse as our society.

In both the bachelor's and master's programs, students learn and research independently in our project-based courses how people shape spaces - from squares, parks and streets to city districts and landscapes.

Step by step and practice-oriented, students work on their own research questions. A perfect exercise for the final thesis and job entry!

To what extent does urban life change when night falls? What are people's usage interests in their city's parks and squares? Questions like these are not only discussed in the seminar room, but also investigated in on-site field work. Students also work independently in the field on topics such as the touristification of old cities, the development of postmodern urban neighborhoods, or international immigration as part of the major excursions, which most recently went to the Arab Gulf States or the Canary Islands.

In advanced seminars, students can deepen their knowledge in their personal areas of interest. Whether geographic development research, social geographic migration research or political geography - the topics change from semester to semester. But they always remain one thing: current and relevant.